A Heartfelt Article By One Of Our Members:-

I was asked recently why I joined UKIP. This was my response:

I want my country back, basically. I do not like the developments that all the main parties have forced on the UK which in my opinion was done without the people’s consent. The three main parties have no concept of the effects on local communities – I have no problem with immigration but in moderation. Hopefully my mention of immigration does not sound insular – I am all for diversity, new ideas, technology etc. – at a young age I had experience of new cultures (I had an Aunty Sabra and an Uncle Khadim; I watched Aunty Sabra prepare Halal etc. I ate chapattis and curry before most folk in the UK had even heard of curry) – so no, my feelings are not based on race or religion. To add to this, half my family are foreign, I have a Jamaican sister in-law, I have a French niece and nephew, and a granddaughter who is Italian -but as my old dad would have said ‘you cannot put a pint and a half into a pint pot’ – and when it has an adverse effect on education, the NHS, housing etc. then enough is enough. My background is in education and inner city schools – I have seen the detrimental effect on student learning due to uncontrolled immigration – it is bad. In conclusion, regarding immigration, if this one topic alone is not sorted soon… I do fear the outcome. I saw as a young child what happens when cultures collide; it is not pretty.

I want a future for our younger generation – and at the moment I cannot see one which does not include a lot of hardship. I want our government to put this nation first above all others – to be less profligate with our hard earned tax contribution, be it overseas aid or the contributions it is forced to pay to the outdated European Union, which since its conception is way out of control and has impoverished numerous once proud sovereign countries of Europe. The false premise that they promote about it keeping the peace in Europe is the biggest white elephant in the room – it has been NATO in my opinion that has kept the peace – all the EU seems to have done of late is create another cold war situation which is not good – in fact it is downright dangerous. We need to trade with Europe and not be ruled by them. To think this country that was the birth place of democracy and law that most of the world adopted is now no more than a satellite nation to the EU is a sad state of affairs, it is like being part of a communist empire in all but name. If I had wanted to be a communist I would have moved to Russia long ago.

As far as I am concerned UKIP speak to ordinary folk in language that they understand, they are not afraid to say it as it is. PC nonsense has gone too far in this country. Personally I had lost interest in politics until UKIP came on the scene and I had not voted in many years (it was pointless as it was always a two-horse race – there was no spark) then UKIP came on the horizon and we got that spark – folk seem to have shaken off the apathy that had become the norm in this country. I think people now believe that “People Power” can make a difference – hopefully the fightback and spirit this nation once had is slowly creeping back – and I honestly believe with UKIP’s help we will succeed.
Heather Fisher


An article by a member who won an unusual prize in a recent branch raffle:-

Margaret by the glider

Margaret with parachute

My Gliding Experience

With Tom Hollins at York Gliding Club, Rufforth

What a day to remember, I had a fabulous day, I was given instruction prior to getting into the glider and again before we started being towed into the air. I had the parachute on, just incase of an emergency and climbed into the glider as lady like as I could.

Seated for take-off

Seated for take-off

My flight began with a tow behind a powered aircraft to around 1800 feet we were then up, up and away and on our own gliding though the air like a bird.

After being released from the tow aircraft, Tom, the Pilot talked though the flying controls, and explained how the glider stays airborne using lift generated by the sun and wind, this is the same naturally occurring, currents of air that birds use to fly and this was a most exhilarating experience, anyone can do it no matter what your age, physical ability or background.

Imagine the excitement and the power of nature to soar miles across the open countryside, I was flying at 1800 to 2000 feet up but gliders go to heights of up to 30,000 feet and speeds of over 100mph in an engine-less aircraft.


Up and away !

What better way could there be to appreciate our picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire than to take to the skies, in this incredible way, and gracefully fly like a bird.

Nothing quite compares to the excitement of sitting in the cockpit of one of these elegant, modern aircrafts, so be courageous and head down to one of the Gliding clubs and have the experience of a life time, as I have had.

I was given the opportunity to fly the glider myself – it’s not as difficult as you might think. Tom the Pilot guided me through with patience.

I have now tried my hand at gliding and discovered the shear enjoyment and the possibilities of this truly amazing adventure sport. I will savor this experience forever.

Thanks Tom.

Margaret Garnett