Fire Service Folly

Changes to West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue service means longer response times in 3 out of 4 west Leeds constituencies

fireengineYou may not have noticed given how quiet local Councillors kept about it, but there are major changes being made to our Fire and Rescue service, and not to your benefit. The number of fire engines to serve our part of the city is being cut almost in half with response times to both fire incidents and road traffic accidents increased as a result, potentially putting lives at risk. The fire service will tell you that speed of response is everything. Getting to a fire quickly means it will be smaller, will have done less damage and is less likely to have caused an injury or fatality.

Crucially, it also means that it is far more likely to be able to be extinguished by a single fire engine. Once fires reach a certain point, additional fire engines (appliances) are required to get fires under control. Since most the cities fire stations are having appliances reduced from 2 to 1, this seems short-sighted and dangerous.