Adel & Wharfedale

wharfedaleAdel is a suburb in North Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is situated between Cookridge, Holt Park, Weetwood and Alwoodley. To the north are the villages of Arthington and Bramhope and the market town of Otley. In common with many areas of Leeds it is not easy to define the boundaries of Adel, but Adel Church and the two schools are well to the east of Otley Road, the A660, although the post office is on that road. There is one pub in Adel and there is a restaurant/pub on the Otley Road around the corner from Gainsborough Avenue. The Wharfedale description includes the villages of Bramhope and Pool in Wharfedale in this ward both of which border the Yeadon and Otley Ward.

Branch member Glenn Morley will be campaigning to win this seat.