Bramley & Stanningley


Anne Murgatroyd and branch members at the Bramley carnival 2014

Bramley is a district in west Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is an old industrial area with much 19th century architecture and 20th century council housing in the east and private suburban housing to the west. Bramley lies within the Parliamentary constituency of Leeds West.

Stanningley is a district of Pudsey, West Yorkshire, England. It is situated approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) west of Leeds city centre on the A647 road, the original main road from Leeds to Bradford.

Branch Secretary Anne Murgatroyd is campaigning to win the council seat in this ward.

anne-murgatroyd-s“I’ve lived in Bramley for 31 years and brought three children up here. After a long career as a nurse I joined UKIP in 2011 having seen how badly the three old parties have let this country down.
“If elected, I pledge to work hard for the people of Bramley and Stanningley, to improve our district and facilities, and to listen to and represent your views. UKIP councillors are not told how to vote by the party.
“I came second to Labour in 2012 and a much closer second in May 2014, with 33% of the vote. UKIP is the alternative to Labour in Bramley & Stanningley. It’s time for a change.”