Protect Our Pubs

Pubs provide a community focus and a safe environment
We should be supporting them

pubFour pubs a day are closing in this country, and dozens have closed in Leeds in the last 15 years. Often these are historic buildings, which have been lynchpins of communities and provided a local focus for people living nearby. Our pubs are suffering: – the smoking ban, cut-price supermarket alcohol, extortionate business rates, red tape, increasing beer duty and ties commitments (landlords having to buy from a particular brewery) are taking their toll with many landlords bring stretched to, and beyond breaking point.

UKIP will (amongst other things) cut duty on traditional cask ales, investigate the breweries’ pricing structures though a Royal Commission, cut business rates and taxes for community pubs, allow contained and ventilated smoking rooms and support ‘The Pub is the Hub’ initiative. More on this and UKIPs ‘Save the Pub’ campaign can be found here: